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SCHOOL FUNDING FOR INSTRUCTIONAL IMPROVEMENT AND ACCOUNTABILITY. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Amends State Constitution by establishing a minimum level of state funding for school and community college districts; transferring to such districts, within limits, state revenues in excess of State's appropriations limit; and exempting excess funds from appropriations limit. Adds provisions to Education Code requiring excess funds to be used solely for instructional improvement and accountability and requiring schools to report student achievement, drop-out rates, expenditures per student, progress toward reducing class size and teaching loads, classroom discipline, curriculum, quality of teaching, and other school matters. Contains other provisions. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: The measure requires allocation of excess tax revenue when available, up to a maximum of 4% of the minimum support level for local education agencies. Since the measure allows the expenditure of excess tax revenue that might otherwise be returned to taxpayers, it may reduce or eliminate any future tax rebate. The requirement for a minimum level of funding for local education will result in a minimum additional state cost of approximately $100 million in 1988-89. If state revenues increase by more than 5 percent, the state cost in 1988-89 is estimated to be $100 million plus approximately $100 million for every percentage point in revenue growth above 5 percent. The amount of revenues in excess of the state appropriations limit, if any, which may be transferred to local education agencies in 1988-89 and the related adjustments in minimum levels of support is currently indeterminable. It is estimated that the State Department of Education will incur $300,000 in costs to prepare a statewide model School Accountability Report Card and that the total costs to local school districts to develop and issue their respective school report cards would range between $2 million and $7 million.


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