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DRUG ENFORCEMENT AND PREVENTION. TAXES. PRISON TERMS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Establishes Safe Streets Fund in State Treasury. Appropriates funds in account for Anti-Drug Education (42%); Anti-Drug Law Enforcement (40%); Prisons and Jails (10%); Drug Treatment (8%). Increases state sales and use taxes 1/2 cent for four years starting July 1, 1991; increased funds transferred to Safe Streets Fund. Prohibits early release of persons convicted twice of: murder; manslaughter; rape or other sexual assault; mayhem; sale, possession for sale, transportation, or manufacture of large amounts of drugs; selling drugs to minors on schoolgrounds or playgrounds; using minors to sell or transport drugs. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure will raise $7.4 billion for the Safe Streets Fund over the period of 1991-92 through the first quarter of 1995-96 from increases in sales tax revenue, with an accumulation of interest earnings in the General Fund over the same period; allocations of $3.1 billion to the anti-drug education programs, $3.3 billion to law enforcement and judicial programs, and $600 million to state and local agencies for drug treatment programs during this period; minor costs to the General Fund beginning in 1991-92, increasing to more than $80 million annually by 2007-08 for support of the prison system and potential one-time costs of more than $300 million for new prison construction.


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