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CRIMES. TAXATION. BONDS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. Commencing 1991, appropriates $561,000,000 to state, county, city governments for drug enforcement, treatment, gang related purposes, additional sums thereafter; appropriation funded by conforming state corporate tax laws to federal tax laws. Amends state Constitution: affords accused no greater state constitutional rights, other than privacy, than federal Constitution; prohibits post-indictment preliminary hearings; provides reciprocal discovery; allows hearsay in preliminary hearings. Statutory changes: expands definition for first degree murder, special circumstances; increases penalties for minors; establishes judicial voir dire. Authorizes issuance of $740,000,000 of general obligation bonds for drug abuse, confinement, and treatment facilities. Summary of estimate of Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: State cost of $740 million in bond principal, $585 million in projected bond interest, to construct drug abuse, confinement and treatment facilities; tens of millions of dollars annually in state and local costs to operate facilities. Appropriates up to $1.8 billion over next eight years to state, local governments and law enforcement agencies for drug enforcement, treatment and gang related purposes. Increased state revenues of approximately $1.7 billion over next eight years as a result of tax law changes; may increase general fund allocations to education up to $675 million under Proposition 98 enacted by voters at the November, 1988, General Election. Unknown net fiscal impact for new and longer commitments to state prisons and changes in the length and number of judicial proceedings.


John K. Van De Kamp C/O Lance H. Olson, 300 Capitol Mall, Suite 350, Sacramento, Ca 95814; Assemblyman Johan Klehs, State Capitol, Room 2013, Sacramento, Ca 95814



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