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FOREST PROTECTION. TIMBER HARVESTING. BOND ACT. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Authorizes 10-year state acquisition program, limited logging moratorium, to permit public acquisition of designated ancient forests providing wildlife habitat. Requires wildlife surveys, mitigation measures. Limits logging sites, including those near waterways. Requires state-funded compensation, retraining program for loggers displaced by new regulations, acquisitions. Authorizes general obligation bond issue of $742,000,000 to fund acquisition, other provisions. Limits timber cutting practices, burning of forest residues, on California timberlands. Mandates sustained yield standards. Imposes new timber harvesting permit fees. Revises Board of Forestry membership. Discourages foreign export of forest products. Imposes penalties for violations. Summary of estimate of Legislative Analyst and Department of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: State General Fund costs of $742 million in bond principal, $584 million in projected bond interest for acquisition of ancient forest stands, funding of employment compensation program. Annual costs of $3.4 to $10 million for increased timber harvesting plan review and subsequent monitoring, fully offset by fees. Annual savings to state of approximately $6.4 million due to shift of timber harvest plan review cost from state to private timber companies. Unknown state and local revenue losses to extent reductions occur in timber harvesting. Unknown potential state revenue losses from lumber sales restrictions, unknown state costs or savings due to restrictions on purchase of finished lumber products. Probable reduction in Proposition 98 transfers of "excess revenues" to K-14 education.


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