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PEST ERADICATION. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires, with stated exceptions, that pest eradication projects include: non-pesticide alternatives; limited pesticide use; demonstrated pesticide effectiveness without substantial damage to nontarget plants, animals, environment; integrated pest control management techniques; public notice to project area prior to application likely to result in public exposure. Requires written findings of fact on statutory requirements. Prohibits aerial application of pesticides in urban areas as part of pest eradication projects. Mandates preparation of health risk assessment, monitoring program, for each eradication project. Requires state certification that risk assessment is complete, and that risk to public from eradication program not significant. Summary of estimate of Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Unknown annual costs, potentially more than $1 million, for public health and environmental monitoring and risk assessments. Unknown costs and/or savings for state to conduct pest eradication projects using more expensive control methods or to substitute containment methods for eradication methods in some large-scale projects. Potential unknown state personal and corporate income tax revenue losses to extent that elimination of large-scale eradication projects leads to decline in net farm income. Potential unknown costs to state and local governments to extent elimination of large eradication projects could result in higher food prices.


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