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PESTICIDE REGULATION AND APPLICATION. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Bans use of pesticides, chemicals on private and public property without written permission of property owner, except as specified. Makes state, local governments and officials, private parties liable for injuries to persons and property resulting from pest control, eradication projects. Prevents state, local officials from declaring state of emergency or adopting emergency regulations in response to pest infestation of plants. Requires creation of a liability fund before any insect eradication program is implemented. Expands disclosure requirements for contents of pesticide products. Directs Legislature to create system of criminal, civil penalties for violations of measure. Summary of estimate of Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: One-time costs totaling about $5 million for Department of Food and Agriculture review of information required to be submitted by pesticide registrants. Unknown potential costs for claims for damages resulting from eradication projects conducted by the state. Unknown costs and/or savings for eradication projects using more expensive control methods or to substitute containment methods for eradication methods in some projects. Potential unknown state personal and corporate income tax revenue losses to the extent that elimination of any eradication projects leads to a decline in net farm income. Potential unknown costs to state and local governments to the extent that the elimination of eradication projects could result in higher food prices.


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