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VACATIONS, WORKERS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Amends California Constitution to require minimum vacation time for specified workers. Requires a 40-hour per week worker receive 4 weeks vacation first effective year; 5 weeks second year; 6 weeks thereafter. Applies to workers employed by same employer 2 years and meeting 5 of 6 following conditions: voted in last general election; highschool graduate or equivalent; took 80 or fewer hours sick leave during previous year; no driving under the influence or drug convictions; did not smoke on job; commuted to work as specified. Public employers not required to participate without agreement. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Requirement of 6 weeks vacation, unless offset by alteration of other employee benefits, could increase business costs and in turn reduce taxable profits by an unknown amount. Higher costs could increase prices of goods and services paid by state and local governments by an unknown amount. The state will incur unknown administrative and enforcement costs.


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