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FORESTRY PRACTICES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires forest protection plans by areas in which timber is harvested and review for environment, wildlife and watershed impact. Requires fire protection plans. Amends timber harvesting plan requirements. Prohibits harvesting more than 70% of timber volume in an area within 10-year period. Limits timber harvesting in "ancient forests," in watershed areas, and within specified distances of waterways. Provides maximum timber harvest limits. Revises post-harvest tree stocking standards. Requires forest fire prevention plans. Imposes new timber harvesting permit fees. Discourages foreign export of forest products. Revises Board of Forestry membership. Imposes penalties for violations. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: New and existing administrative costs offset by new permit fees for net state government saving of $9 million annually. Potential short-term reduction in timber yield tax revenues to local governments of several millions of dollars annually. Potential reduction in timber sales revenue to state government of up to $1 million annually. Potential short-term reduction in general tax revenues to state and local governments of several million dollars annually. Unknown impacts in the long-term; possible revenue increases to the extent that measure results in greater future yields on California timberlands.


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