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LIMITATION ON FEES FOR STATE PARKS. ENVIRONMENTAL LICENSE PLATE FEES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Prohibits fees for day use of state coastal parks and beaches. Limits fees charged in state parks, other than beaches, to reasonable and direct costs of maintenance, as provided. Enacts purchase provision as specified. Increases initial vehicle registration fees for environmental license plates by $5 and by $10 for renewal and retention. Adds severability clause; requires amendment by initiative, except for increases in fees, as specified; and provides for intervening statutory changes. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure could result in an annual revenue loss to the State Parks and Recreation Fund of $12 million, beginning in 1992. The losses would result in either (1) increased state funding from other sources (including the General Fund) or (2) reductions in services throughout the park system (including potential park closures). Fee limitations on other parks would not reduce fee revenues to the State Parks and Recreation Fund in the foreseeable future, because the current cost to operate and maintain each state park is significantly more than the fee revenue from each park. Measure would result in additional annual revenues to the Environmental License Plate Fund of up to $13 million, beginning in 1992, from the increased license plate fees.


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