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EXPERIMENTAL GAMING PROGRAM. COMMISSION. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Creates 28-year experimental gaming program within the City of Adelanto. Establishes three-member commission appointed by the Governor for four-year terms, with specified powers, duties, salaries and staff. Requires Legislature to enact specified gaming laws and permits City of Adelanto to exercise local option permitting gaming and establish specified commission. Makes it illegal to conduct gaming without license and permit. Permittees required to pay initial fee of $225,000 for deposit in General Fund, annually thereafter, for the purpose of lowering taxes. Severability clause. Effective five days after official declaration of vote. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: To the extent gaming is implemented in the City of Adelanto, would result: (1) in net State administrative costs over time, potentially in the range of $1 million annually; (2) in potentially substantial, annual state revenues to the extent out-of-state gaming is shifted to California; and (3) in potentially substantial, annual local revenues (primarily to the City of Adelanto), depending on the level of gaming activity.


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