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EDUCATION. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Provides state school funding be apportioned by county offices of education pursuant to stated formula and schedule, based on enrolled pupils, as defined, rather than monthly, per pupil in average daily attendance as Legislature provides. Authorizes full power of organization and government to local school authorities with stated contracting, teacher certification limitations; prohibits restrictions on expenditures of apportioned funds. Modifies school district, community college district, county education office governing board member qualifications, date of election. Modifies duties, Superintendent of Public Instruction; funding, State Board of Education. Repeals provisions authorizing State Board of Education to adopt textbooks. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Annual estimated interest revenue loss to the state and revenue gain to school districts and potentially county offices, of up to $75 million, and potentially several hundreds of millions, depending on interpretation of measure's provisions regarding timing of payments to school districts and county offices. Unknown annual savings, potentially in the tens of millions of dollars, from reduced state administration. Redistribution of hundreds of millions of dollars among school districts, and potentially county offices of education, in order to generally equalize total funding allocations.


Nolan Frizzelle, O.D. Assemblyman, 69Th District, State Capitol P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, Ca 94249-0001 (916) 445-8377



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