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PUBLIC ASSISTANCE. DRUG TESTING. CHILD CUSTODY LOSS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires drug testing as condition of eligibility for public assistance and requires testing of recipients suspected of drug abuse. Recipients who test positive lose eligibility, as well as custody of children, unless they participate in drug rehabilitation and job training. Requires placement of children of recipients, who become ineligible due to drug abuse and failure to participate in rehabilitation and training, in boarding schools, boarding homes, or foster care. Requires state funded boarding homes and drug rehabilitation programs. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Drug testing all applicants for Aid to Families with Dependent Children and General Assistance would cost approximately $20 million annually ($4 million state, $5.8 million federal, and $10.2 million counties). Other major costs and savings could result, depending on the number of individuals affected by the various provisions. Net fiscal impact cannot be determined.


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