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WORLD CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION. APPROPRIATION. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. Expresses choice of California citizens to participate in world constitutional convention to establish global governance. Calls for similar initiative elections in other states, and for national initiative. Creates American Electoral Administration to conduct such initiative elections. Appropriates 25 cents per resident from California General Fund to finance American Electoral Administration. Defines number of votes required, worldwide, before convention may be convened. Establishes qualifications for convention delegates. Apportions delegates. Approves appropriations from U.S. Treasury to pay U.S. share of convention costs and to repay states' appropriations. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Initial General Fund costs of about $7.4 million to fund American Electoral Administration, with no specific requirement that this money be repaid by federal government and no federal law currently in place to assure such repayment. Additional unknown, but potentially major, General Fund revenue loss because contributions made by individuals to finance initiatives would be tax-exempt.


Mike Gravel, President One World, P.O. Box 2566 479 Alvarado Street, Monterey, California 93942 (408) 646-0300



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