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RESIDENCY STATUS. DMV VERIFICATION PROGRAM. ILLEGAL ALIENS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. Requires the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to issue driver's licenses or other identification cards which verify citizenship or legal residency under federal immigration laws. Prohibits employment unless such DMV verification is filed with employer. Makes lawful residency status requirement for workers compensation, unemployment compensation, and public postsecondary education. Requires California Attorney General to seek federal reimbursement for illegal aliens who utilize public health care services and who are incarcerated. Requires California Department of Justice to fingerprint persons under deportation orders. Creates misdemeanor or felony violations and fines. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Initial implementation costs to the state potentially in the range of $100 million, partially offset by fee revenues of approximately $65 million. Unknown annual state costs in the range of $30 million from 1996 through 1999, with ongoing annual costs in the range of $10 million. Beginning in 1996, DMV's share of costs offset by annual fee revenues of approximately $30 million, with other state costs to the General Fund not offset by fees. Unknown annual savings potentially in excess of $100 million for withholding various services. Unknown annual costs to locals of several millions of dollars with unknown annual savings potentially in excess of $200 million for withholding services.


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