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RELEASE FROM CUSTODY. FACIAL IMPLANT. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires implantation, before release from custody, of facial identifying numbers on prisoners guilty of felony in which a violent act is committed or threatened, or any crime while illegally in possession of any instrumentality which would provide means to commit great bodily injury, or property damage from which personal injury could reasonably, proximally result. Repeat offenders receive additional facial implants. Third time offenders can receive life imprisonment if incorrigible and public risk. Establishes telephone number to provide information on wearer of implant number. Makes taunting or harassing persons with facial implants a misdemeanor. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure could result in additional annual costs to the state and local governments for (1) implantation and removal of the identification number (including the expenses for the volunteer physicians), (2) incarceration of offenders who are considered incorrigible, and (3) operation of the 24-hour toll-free telephone number. Costs are unknown, but likely in the millions of dollars annually.


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