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INSURANCE. AUTOMOBILES. CLAIMS. RATES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Repeals Proposition 103's automobile insurance rate rollback and rate setting provisions. Requires claimants for accidental bodily injury to file information with Department of Insurance within 15 days of injury; otherwise, damage suit prohibited. Authorizes defendant to require claimant to attend independent medical examination. Requires mandatory automobile liability policies to include coverage for emergency medical expenses. Prohibits collecting medical expenses from more than one insurer or self-insured. Establishes priority among insurance coverages for payment of claims. Prohibits restrictions on exchange of claim-related information. Limits rate setting by Department of Insurance. Establishes rate setting guides. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Annual revenues and costs to the state, potentially in the hundreds of millions of dollars, funded from a surcharge on gross premium income of automobile liability insurers. Annual costs to the state, potentially several millions of dollars, from additional administration responsibilities. Annual savings to state and local governments, potentially in the tens of millions of dollars, from reduced expenses for Medi-Cal and Medically Indigent Adults programs.


John L. "Jack" Harden Harden/Furbee Claims Reform, P.O. Box 948, La Habra, Ca 90633-0948 (310) 691-2713; James "Jim" Furbee Harden/Furbee Claims Reform, P.O. Box 948, La Habra, Ca 90633-0948 (310) 691-2713



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