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INSURANCE. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires insurance for all who operate motor vehicles. Provides motor vehicle insurance for those with financial hardship through fees on ownership of all motor vehicles. Provides minimum health insurance for those with financial hardship through fees on most health care providers. Limits recovery in motor vehicle cases. Establishes insurance claim procedures. Regulates insurance investigators and adjustors. Establishes procedures for reviewing claims of medical malpractice or insurance fraud. Increases penalties for, and creates new, "insurance-related" crimes. Creates advisory commission, task force, review board and three special funds all under the Insurance Commissioner. Amends and repeals various statutes. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Annual state revenues and costs, from hundreds of millions to potentially billions of dollars, to provide subsidized motor vehicle insurance to lower-income persons. Revenues and expenditures in excess of a billion dollars annually for four years from fees on health care providers and businesses to provide indigent health care. A large portion of these expenditures would offset current state and local spending for health care. Annual state costs in the billions of dollars, and net annual local government costs in tens of millions of dollars, from increased penalties on various crimes and the resulting court costs.


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