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EDUCATION. ADMINISTRATIVE REFORM OF PUBLIC SCHOOLS. VOUCHERS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Eliminates State and County Boards of Education, State Superintendent of Public Instruction, State Department of Education. Repeals most Education Code provisions concerning public schools. Disposes of administrative facilities. Creates state "Department of Schools" and county "Offices of Schools." Converts public schools to relatively independent schools. Eliminates constitutional ban on supporting religious schools with public money. Restricts new regulation of private schools. Provides state-funded vouchers for students in private schools. Regulates public school funding, teacher certification and salaries, achievement testing, minimum school day and school year. Curtails teachers' collective bargaining rights. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Fiscal effect largely unknown, and depends on implementation and interpretation of measure and response to measure. Potential long-term annual savings to state General Fund of up to $1 billion depending on number of students shifting to private schools and extent to which Legislature redirects savings to public schools. Unknown net local education agency impact resulting from eliminating school districts, reducing revenues to the public school system, eliminating existing state-mandated programs and requirements, and imposing new mandates and requirements. Unknown school construction savings to state and local governments, potentially in excess of $100 million annually in the long term to each level of government.


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