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SCHOOL FUNDING. VOUCHERS. STATE FUNDING FOR PRIVATE EDUCATION. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Amends state constitution to permit state-funded voucher payments to qualifying private and religious schools as grants for newly enrolled children. Provides partial vouchers, funded solely from program-generated savings, for children already enrolled in private schools prior to measure's approval. Establishes minimum per-pupil levels of state funding for education when specified economic conditions occur; repeals Proposition 98 funding formulas. Restricts regulation of private schools and exempts private schools from designated Uniform Building Code requirements. Requires academic testing in voucher-redeeming schools. Withholds vouchers from schools teaching hatred or advocating unlawful conduct. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Fiscal effect largely unknown, and depends on implementation and interpretation of measure and response to measure. State savings, potentially in the billions of dollars annually, if Legislature funds K-14 education at the new minimum funding levels established by measure, resulting in reduced funding for local school districts. State costs to provide vouchers for K-12 students attending private schools, offset or exceeded by lower state public school expenditures. State and local savings, potentially in excess of $100 million annually, to the extent that private school vouchers reduce long-term capital outlay needs for public schools.


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