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NON-UNANIMOUS VERDICTS. PRISONERS' RIGHTS LIMITATION. EXTENDS PAROLE TERMS. SEXUALLY VIOLENT PREDATORS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Allows five-sixths majority verdicts in criminal cases, except death penalty cases, and misdemeanor cases tried to a jury of nine or fewer persons by stipulation. Limits prisoners' rights to those established by U.S. and California constitutions. Repeals statute providing other prisoner rights. Increases length, restrictiveness and penalties for violation of parole for certain offenders. Allows parole hearings in any of five specified counties. Defines sexually violent predators and provides process for their evaluation, adjudication and civil commitment. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Overall, the measure would likely result in long-term annual savings in the range of tens of millions of dollars for county criminal justice and social service programs while resulting in long-term annual costs to the state in the hundreds of millions of dollars and one-time capital outlay costs of up to $1 billion to $2 billion. Local savings would result from a probable decrease in criminal trials as the result of non-unanimous verdict provisions and longer parole revocation terms, and the transfer of sexually violent predators to state facilities. State costs would result from the increase in the prison population due to increased terms for parole violations; increased parole caseloads due to the increase in parole terms; and, increased state costs due to the provisions regarding sexually violent predators.


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