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EDUCATION. PUBLIC SCHOOLS. ADMINISTRATIVE CHANGES. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Imposes academic goals and semi-annual testing for grades 1-12 in English, mathematics, sciences, and history, with examination requirement for high school graduation. Requires individual reading instruction plans for identified elementary students. Permits local voters to require splitting of very large districts into districts of 50,000 students, or less. Limits scope of teachers' collective bargaining agreements. Prohibits union dues requirement and school collection of dues. Permits unrestricted use of private vendors. Modifies procedures for teacher evaluation, probation, and dismissal. Requires not less than 15% of teacher salary budget to be disbursed as merit pay. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Costs to school districts in the tens of millions of dollars annually, primarily related to student testing, preparation of individual reading instructional plans, and teacher evaluations. Savings to school districts potentially in the tens of millions of dollars, related to contracting and collective bargaining provisions. Probably no impact on total state spending for schools under the Constitution, with individual districts realizing costs or savings.


Dr. H. Glen Davis Mark Bucher Ernest F. Scherer, Jr. California Alliance To Reform Education, P.O. Box 191, San Ramon, Ca. 94583 (510) 833-2572



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