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RESIDENCY STATUS VERIFICATION. DMV IDENTIFICATION CARDS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires DMV to develop and issue tamperproof driver's licenses and identification cards which verify citizenship or legal residency under federal immigration laws. Makes DMV verified identification cards a requirement for workers compensation, unemployment and disability insurance, public postsecondary education, specified Medi-Cal benefits, public housing, other social services. Requires verification of residency status for voter registration, and of parent or legal guardian for public school enrollment. Requires fingerprinting at time of birth and placing of information regarding residency status of mother on birth certificates. Creates misdemeanor or felony violations and fines. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Initial implementation costs to the state potentially exceeding $100 million, partially offset by fee revenues of approximately $70 million. State costs in second through fourth years of implementation could amount to several tens of millions of dollars, partially offset by approximately $40 million in revenue. In subsequent years, ongoing annual costs to the state potentially in the tens of millions of dollars, partially offset by fee revenues. The state would realize unknown annual savings from reduced fraud. Unknown annual administrative costs to local governments, potentially exceeding $10 million, with unknown annual savings to local governments from reduced fraud.


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