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LIMITATIONS ON PUBLIC DISPLAY OF MARINE MAMMALS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Prohibits public display of any live cetacean (e.g., whales or dolphins) or pinniped (e.g., seals and walruses). Excepts cetacean and pinniped in captivity in this or other state on effective date of measure and their offspring. Requires Department of Fish and Game to inventory all cetaceans and pinnipeds on display in state on effective date of statute. Provides for administration and enforcement by Department of Fish and Game. Requires all fines imposed or collected under the statute be deposited in the Fish and Game Preservation Fund. Provides for private civil enforcement. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Costs to the state will likely be less than $100,000 annually, which may potentially be offset by fines and fees collected under the measure. Potential long term impacts in reduced revenues to state and local governments unknown, but could be millions of dollars annually.


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