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BEVERAGE CONTAINER RECYCLING PROGRAM. WINE AND LIQUOR CONTAINERS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Amends current recycling law to add wine and liquor containers to beverage containers on which distributors are assessed a charge that is added to beverage price; containers can be redeemed for money at recycling centers. Provides financial incentive for sterilization and refilling of recycled containers. Increases funding for recycling and anti-litter programs from program-generated revenues, as specified. Makes specific provision for payments to local governments for recycling programs. Prohibits Legislature from increasing or decreasing charges on distributors or using program funds for other purposes without vote of the people. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Would increase annual costs of the state recycling program by about $2 million. Would raise additional program revenues of potentially $20 to $25 million annually. Local governments would likely receive annually an increase in funding for recycling activities potentially of several millions of dollars and experience a like savings from reduced solid waste disposal and litter abatement costs. There would an unknown impact on tax revenues.


Mark R. Murray Executive Director Californians Against Waste, 926 J Street, Suite 606, Sacramento, Ca 95814 (916) 443-5422



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