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ELECTIONS. ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION AND VOTING. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Requires Secretary of State to create an electronic system which would permit eligible persons to register, vote, and sign petitions by computer or other electronic means. Requires Secretary of State and county elections officials to accept electronic signatures for voter registration, petition signing and voting. Requires that electronic signatures be unique to user, capable of verification and meet other specifications. Allocates space on the State's electoral file server to candidates and proponents and opponents of ballot measures to communicate with public. Penalizes willful manipulation of the electronic voting system. Requires implementing regulations. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Would result in major state costs to implement and maintain a computerized voting system. The costs would include one-time costs, probably in the tens to several hundred of millions of dollars, for the design, development and implementation of the new system. Annual maintenance costs would be in the millions to tens of millions of dollars. Because the measure does not replace the current elections system, the measure would not generate any significant savings.


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