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ILLEGALLY PRESENT ALIENS. REAL PROPERTY RIGHTS AND EMPLOYMENT. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Provides illegally present aliens are prohibited from owning, possessing or controlling real property. Makes selling or renting of real property to an illegally present alien a misdemeanor absent a good faith inquiry into the citizen or alien status of contracting party, as defined. Authorizes suits against employers of illegally present aliens by persons economically injured, including competitors. Prohibits public housing authorities from permitting illegally present aliens to occupy authority property. Requires state not count illegally present aliens in program determinations of whether a work force represents a community's composition. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: The measure probably would result in local revenues from fines of less than $100,000. Counties may incur additional court costs of less than $100,000. To the extent the measure results in increases in deportations of aliens, it could result in savings from avoided costs of public services to such persons and in revenue reductions from the loss of tax and fee revenues collected from such persons. The amount of such savings and revenue reductions cannot be estimated.


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