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BALANCED BUDGET. MAJORITY VOTE. FORFEITURE OF SALARIES DUE TO LATE BUDGET. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Prohibits total General Fund expenditures authorized by budget act and other statutes from exceeding estimated revenues and other financial resources for fiscal year. Authorizes adoption of budget bill by majority vote of Legislature. Requires Governor and Legislators to forfeit salaries and expense payments if budget bill is not enacted by June 30 of any year, until the date the budget bill is enacted. Requires budget act to provide two-percent emergency reserve and establishes State Emergency Reserve Fund. Applies to budget bills beginning with 1999-2000 fiscal year. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure will result in unknown effects on aggregate state General Fund expenditures and revenues, depending on its effects on budget-related decisions. It would also result in unknown General Fund savings, depending on the extent to which annual budget bills are enacted following the start of the fiscal year and forfeitures of salaries and expenses occur.


Senator Quentin L. Kopp, State Capitol, Sacramento, California 95814 (916) 445-0503



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