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EDUCATION. VOUCHERS. PUBLIC FUNDING OF PRIVATE AND RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Authorizes state-funded $4000 per-pupil annual payments to qualifying private and religious schools as grants for new enrollees, and partial grants for children enrolled in private schools before measure's approval. Permits Legislature to increase amounts annually. Repeals voter approved constitutional funding priority for public schools. Limits minimum state funding guarantees for public schools to years when specified economic conditions occur. Restricts local regulation of private schools, including health, safety, zoning requirements. Exempts private schools from designated Uniform Building Code requirements. Requires academic testing in voucher-redeeming schools. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would result in a major rearrangement of the State's system of school finance, with current public school expenditures reduced as they are used to finance a new system of vouchers for children transferring to, or already attending, private schools. Possible initial state costs, with minimal net impact annually thereafter. Possible, unknown savings to the State from changes in the minimum funding guarantee for public K-12 schools and community colleges, depending on future budget decisions by the Legislature and Governor. Other fiscal effects include: (1) potentially significant annual savings to the State from reduced teacher retirement costs; (2) unknown savings to the State and local school districts from reduced capital outlay needs; and (3) unknown potential loss of federal education funds to the State.


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