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TRIBAL-STATE GAMING COMPACTS. TRIBAL CASINOS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Specifies terms and conditions of mandatory compact between state and Indian tribes for gambling on tribal land. Mandates Governor to sign compact upon request by tribe. Permits alternative compacts only if consistent with prescribed compact. Permits gambling devices and lotteries at tribal casinos. Amends California law to allow slot machines and banked card games at tribal casinos. Provides for contributions to trust funds benefiting nongaming tribes, statewide emergency medical care programs, and programs benefiting communities near tribes, if tribes retain monopoly on authorized gambling. Provides for reimbursement of state regulatory costs. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would probably have a limited effect on the state and local revenues in the near term. It would also have a potential longer-term significant positive impact to the extent there is a large diversion of gambling activity from other states to California. It would also result in additional revenues to state and local governments from the trust funds called for under the compact--potentially in the tens of millions of dollars annually.


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