Proposition Summary

HOUSING AND HOMELESS BOND ACT OF 1988. This act provides for a bond issue of three hundred million dollars (8300.000,000) to provide funds for a housing program that includes: (1) emergency shelters and transitional housing for homeless families and individuals, (2) new rental housing for families and individuals including rental housing which meets the special needs of the elderly, disabled, and farmworkers, (3) rehabilitation and preservation of older homes and rental housing, and (4) home purchase assistance for first-time homebuyers.

Proposition Number




Document Type




Legislative Vote Results

Assembly - Ayes, 54; Noes, 16 -- Senate - Ayes, 27; Noes, 3

Popular Vote Results

Y: 5428003; A: 58.18; N: 3902220; B: 41.82

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Bond Act (leg)

Code Sections Affected

Added Cal. Health & Safety Code sections 53150, et seq.

For Author

David Roberti, State Senator, 23rd District Senate President pro Tempore; Peter T. Chacon, Executive Director, Vietnam Veterans of California; Carl Jones, Director, Congress of California Seniors, Inc.

Against Author

William McCord, Retired State Administrator

Rebuttal Author

June R. Genis, Libertarian Candidate for State Assembly, 20th District; Michael Tejeda, Businessman; David M. Grappo, Attorney

Rebuttal Against Author

Patti Whitney-Wise, Director, California Council of Churches; David P. Riley, Lieutenant Colonel, the Salvation Army; Shelly Hance, Cochairperson, California Homeless Coalition