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INITIATIVE STATUTE. Establishes Habitat Conservation Fund. Transfers $30 million to Fund annually from existing environmental funds and General Fund. Monies from Fund appropriated to Wildlife Conservation Board; Coastal, Tahoe, Santa Monica Mountains Conservancies; state and local parks programs. Funds to be used principally for acquisition of deer and mountain lion habitat; rare and endangered species habitat. Remaining funding for wetlands; riparian and aquatic habitat: open space; other environmental purposes. Prohibits taking of mountain lions unless for protection of life, livestock or other property. Permit for taking required, but prohibits use of poison, leg-hold or metal-jawed traps and snares. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: For 1990-91, approximately $IR million from Unallocated Account in Cigarette and Tobacco Products Surtax Fund and $12 million from General Fund will be transferred to the Habitat Conservation Fund, unless Legislature makes transfers from other funds. In subsequent years, General Fund transfers may increase if sales of cigarettes and tobacco products decline. Estimated annual costs of managing acquired properties could exceed $1 million, supported by sources other than Habitat Conservation Fund.

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Y: 2572470; A: 52.42; N: 2334899; B: 47.58

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Initiative statute

For Author

John Van De Kamp, Attorney General; Ed Davis, State Senator, 19th District; Former Police Chief, City of Los Angeles; Richard Katz, Member of the Assembly, 39th District

Against Author

Robert Beverly, Senator, 29th District; Vice Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee; Jonathan Oldham, President, San Joaquin Valley Chapter of the Wildlife Society; Richard Golightly, Professional Wildlife Ecologist and Professor

Rebuttal Author

Dr. Ralph J. Gutierrez, Wildlife Ecologist and Professor; Robert Beverly, State Senator, 29th District; Vice Chair, Senate Appropriations Committee

Rebuttal Against Author

Vivian Vaught, Wildlife Chair, Sierra Club; Terry Friedman, Member of the Assembly, 43rd District; Pete Dangermond, Former Director, California Department of Parks and Recreation