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LEGISLATURE. REAPPORTIONMENT. ETHICS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. Amends state constitutional provisions governing redistricting procedures and criteria for Senate, Assembly and Congressional offices. Redistricting plan requires two-thirds vote of each house, approval by voters. Reschedules elections for all senatorial offices to second, sixth, tenth years following national census. Amends Constitution to create Joint Legislative Ethics Committee, directs Legislature establish ethical standards. Amends and adds statutes to: prohibit participation in legislation when legislator has personal interest; require legislators report gifts, honoraria of $50 or more; prohibit receipt of gifts from sources employing lobbyists; prohibit lobbying by former legislators for one year. Summary of Legislative Analyst's estimate of net state and local government fiscal impact: Limit on redistricting expenditures to one-half of costs of last redistricting (adjusted for cost-of-living changes) could reduce state costs by several millions of dollars each decade. However, requirement of electorate vote and possible court reapportionment could increase state costs, offsetting part or all of savings. Costs of legislative ethics provisions are probably minor.

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Y: 1615163; A: 32.99; N: 3281177; B: 67.01

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Initiative constitutional and statutory

For Author

Bruce Herschensohn, T.V./Radio Commentator; Gerald C. Lubenow, Director of Publications, Institute of Governmental Studies University of California -- Berkeley; Gary J. Flynn, Independent Businessman

Against Author

John Phillips, Chair, Common Cause; Ed Foglia, President, California Teachers Association (CTA); Jerry Pierson, Secretary/Treasurer, California Council of Police and Sheriffs

Rebuttal Author

Dan Terry, President, California Professional Firefighters; Larry Malmberg, President, Peace Officers Research Association of California; Daniel Lowenstein, Former Chairman, Fair Political Practices Commission

Rebuttal Against Author

Bruce Herschensohn, T.V./Radio Commentator; Gaddi Vasquez, Supervisor, Orange County; Albert Aramburu, Supervisor, Marin County