Proposition Summary

ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES. TAXES. LEGISLTIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. • Adds to Constitution. alcohol beverage excise tax rates, proceeds payable to General Fund. • Increases taxes payable to State General Fund on alcoholic beverages, as of March 1, 1991--beer, from 4 to 20 cents per gallon: specified wines from 1 to 20 cents per gallon: fortified wines from 2 to 20 cents per gallon: distilled spirits from $2.00 to $3.30 per gallon. • Amends Constitution to exclude excise surtaxes imposed by this measure from appropriations limit, as specified. • Provides that tax rate modifications of this measure control over conflicting provisions of Propositions 134 and 136. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • This measure would result in additional General Fund revenues of approximately $70 million for a portion of 1990-91 and approximately $195 million in fiscal year 1991-92, the first full year it is in effect. • Similarly, local sales tax revenues would increase statewide by approximately $1.6 million annually, • Revenues generated after fiscal year 1991-92 will depend upon the trends in alcohol sales. • Adjustments are also made to the state's constitutional spending limit to include the additional tax revenue.

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Legislative Vote Results

Final Votes Cast by the Legislature on ACA 38 (Proposition 126) Assembly -- Ayes, 54; Noes, 18 -- Senate -- Ayes, 30; Noes, 4

Popular Vote Results

Y: 3001351; A: 40.92; N: 4332827; B: 59.08

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Assembly Constitutional Amendment

For Author

Alfred E. Alquist, Chairman, State Senate Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review; Ed Foglia, President, California Teachers Association; David Brown, President, Association of California School Administrators

Against Author

Steven G. Madison, President, Board of Directors California Consortium for the Prevention of Child Abuse; Dr. Donald M. Bowman, Executive Director, California Council on Alcohol Problems; Chief Donald J. Burnett, President, California Police Chiefs Association

Rebuttal Author

Patricia Gorman, President, California Emergency Nurses Association; Michael Sparks, Chairperson, California Council on Alcohol Policy; Carole McDonald, Former Director, Victim Services, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD)

Rebuttal Against Author

Jerry Pierson, Secretary/Treasurer, California Council of Police and Sheriffs (Cal-COPS); Sally Davis, Former Director, State Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs; Kirk West, President, California Chamber of Commerce