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FOREST ACQUISITION. TIMBER HARVESTING PRACTICES. BOND ACT. INITIATIVE STATUTE. • Authorizes 10-year state acquisition program, limited logging moratorium, to permit public acquisition of designated ancient forests providing wildlife habitat. • Requires wildlife surveys, mitigation measures. Limits logging sites, including those near waterways. • Requires state-funded compensation, retraining program for loggers displaced by new regulations, acquisitions. • Authorizes general obligation bond issue of $742.000,000 to fund acquisition, other provisions. • Limits timber cutting practices, burning of forest residues, on California timberlands. • Mandates sustained yield standards. • Imposes new timber harvesting permit fees . • Revises Board of Forestry membership. • Discourages foreign export of forest products. Imposes penalties for violations. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • If all authorized bonds are sold at 7.5 percent interest and paid over the typical 20-year period, General Fund will incur approximately $1.3 billion in costs to payoff bond principal ($742 million) and interest ($585 million). • Estimated average annual cost of bond principal and interest is $55 million. • State administrative costs of up to $10 million annually for state forestry review and enforcement programs, fully offset by revenues from timber harvesting fees. • Such fees would also offset current state logging-related regulatory costs, thus resulting in state savings of about $6.4 million annually. • Unknown effect on revenues from other state taxes, possible decreased revenue to local governments to extent lands acquired under measure would no longer be assessed property taxes.

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Y: 3528887; A: 47.87; N: 3842733; B: 52.13

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General Election

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Initiative statutory

For Author

Dr. Rupert Cutler, President, Defenders of Wildlife; Michael L. Fischer, Executive Director, Sierra Club; David Pesonen, Former Director, California Department of Forestry

Against Author

Gerald L. Partain, Former Director, California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection; Phillip G. Lowell, Executive Director, Redwood Region Conservation Council; Scott Wall, President, California Licensed Foresters Association

Rebuttal Author

John F. Henning, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO; Sue Granger-Dickson, Wildlife Biologist

Rebuttal Against Author

Robert Van Meter, President, Los Angeles Audubon Society; Jennifer Jennings, Forest Project Director, Planning and Conservation League; Jeff DuBonis, Executive Director, Association of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics