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PROPERTY TAX EXEMPTION. DISABLED PERSONS' ACCESS. LEGISLATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. • Amends state constitution to permit Legislature to exempt from property taxation the construction, installation, removal, or modification of all or any part of an existing building or structure for the purpose of making the building or structure more accessible to, or more usable by, a disabled person. • Applicable to construction, installation, removal or modification of structures on or after effective date of measure. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • Property tax revenue losses to local governments would be minor in 1994-95, increasing annually for several years to a maximum annual amount probably in the range of $10 million. Cities, counties, and special districts would bear about half the loss; school and community college districts would bear the other -half. • All or nearly all of the property tax revenue losses experienced by school and community college districts would be required to be replaced by the state's General Fund.

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Y: 2678403; A: 60.74; N: 1731262; B: 39.26

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Assembly Constitutional Amendment