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BALLOT MEASURES. APPLICATION. LEGISLATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Prohibits any statewide initiative, legislative measure, or local ballot measure from excluding or including any county, city or other local jurisdiction from its application based upon voter approval or the casting of a specified percentage of votes for or against the measure within that political subdivision. Provides that no statewide initiative, legislative measure, or local ballot measure can contain language which enables alternative or cumulative provisions of the measure to become law based upon a specified percentage of votes being cast for or against the measure. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: The number of measures this proposition would affect in the future, and the resulting fiscal impact, cannot be estimated.

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Legislative Vote Results

Final Votes Cast by the Legislature on SCA 18 (Proposition 219) Assembly - Ayes, 57; Noes, 15 -- Senate - Ayes, 28; Noes, 1

Popular Vote Results

Y: 3500828; A: 67.3; N: 1705470; B: 32.7

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Legislative Constitutional Amendment

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SENATOR JOHN R. LEWIS, 33rd District, California Senate; MATTHEW E. WEBB, Member, Western Valleys Group of Riverside County