Proposition Summary

COURTS. SUPERIOR AND MUNICIPAL COURT CONSOLIDATION. LEGISLATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Provides for consolidation of superior court and municipal court in county upon approval by majority of superior court judges and of municipal court judges in that county. Upon consolidation, the superior court has jurisdiction over all matters now handled by superior and municipal court, municipal court judges become superior court judges, and the municipal court is abolished. Makes related changes to constitutional provisions regarding municipal courts. Provides for addition of nonvoting members to Judicial Council and lengthens some members' terms. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: Unknown net fiscal impact to the state from consolidation of superior and municipal courts. To the extent that most courts choose to consolidate, there would likely be annual net savings in the millions to tens of millions of dollars in the long term.

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Legislative Vote Results

Final Votes Cast by the Legislature on SCA 4 (Proposition -- 220) Assembly - Ayes, 58; Noes, 1 -- Senate - Ayes, 38; Noes, 0

Popular Vote Results

Y: 3441355; A: 64.5; N: 1897310; B: 35.5

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Legislative Constitutional Amendment

For Author

SENATOR BILL LOCKYER, California State Senate; JOEL FOX , President, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association; SHERIFF CHARLES BYRD , President, California State Sheriffs' Association

Against Author

LEWIS K. UHLER, President, National Tax Limitation Committee; EDWARD JAGELS, Kern County District Attorney

Rebuttal Author

MIKE REYNOLDS, Author of Three Strikes and You're Out

Rebuttal Against Author

HONORABLE MARVIN BAXTER, Associate Justice of the California Supreme Court; JAMES FOX, San Mateo District Attorney; ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA, Assembly Majority Leader