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TRIBAL-STATE GAMING COMPACTS. TRIBAL CASINOS. INITIATIVE STATUTE. Specifies terms and conditions of mandatory compact between state and Indian tribes for gambling on tribal land. Mandates Governor to sign compact upon request by tribe. Permits alternative compacts only if consistent with prescribed compact. Permits gambling devices and lotteries at tribal casinos. Amends California law to allow slot machines and banked card games at tribal casinos. Provides for contributions to trust funds benefiting nongaming tribes, statewide emergency medical care programs, and programs benefiting communities near tribes, if tribes retain monopoly on authorized gambling. Provides for reimbursement of state regulatory costs. Summary of Legislative Analyst's Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: Uncertain impact on state and local revenues, depending on the extent of expansion of gambling on Indian lands in California and the amount of gambling diverted from outside the state. Fiscal effect could range from little impact on revenues to significant annual increases.

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Y: 5090452; A: 62.4; N: 3070358; B: 37.6

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General Election

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Initiative Statute

Relevant Case

Hotel Emples. & Restaurant Emples. Int'l Union v. Davis: 21 Cal. 4th 585, 1999

For Author

DANIEL TUCKER, Chairman, Californians for Indian Self- Reliance; MARY ANN ANDREAS, Tribal Chairperson, Morongo Band of Mission Indians; DAVID R. EDWARDS, Tribal Chairman, Tyme-Maidu Tribe

Against Author

GRISELDA BARAJAS, Small Business Owner; JACK GRIBBON, California Political Director, Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees International Union, AFL-CIO; SHERIFF GLEN CRAIG, Former President, California Police Officers' Association

Rebuttal Author

JOHN K. VAN DE KAMP, Former Attorney General of California; JUANITA HAUGEN, Pacific Region Director, National School Boards Association; BILL CAMPBELL, President Emeritus, California Manufacturers Association

Rebuttal Against Author

JEFF SEDIVEC, President, California State Firefighters Association; LES SOURISSEAU, Past President, California Police Chiefs Association; DANIEL TUCKER, Chairman, Californians For Indian Self- Reliance