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PUBLIC WORKS PROJECTS. USE OF PRIVATE CONTRACTORS FOR ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES. Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute. • Amends constitution to provide that in the design, development and construction of public works projects, state government may choose to contract with private entities for engineering and architectural services without regard to certain existing legal restrictions which apply to the procurement of other services. • Specifies that local governments may also choose to contract with private entities for engineering, architectural services. • Imposes competitive selection process, which permits but does not require competitive bidding, in awarding engineering and architectural contracts. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • Unknown fiscal impact on state spending for architectural and engineering services and construction project delivery. Actual impact will depend on how the state uses the contracting flexibility granted by the proposition in the future. • Little or no fiscal impact on local governments because they generally can now contract for these services.

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Y: 5471515; A: 55.2; N: 4448647; B: 44.8

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General Election

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Initiative Constitutional Amendment and Statute

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LARRY MCCARTHY, President California Taxpayers' Association; LORING A. WYLLIE, JR., Past President Earthquake Engineering Research Institute; TODD NICHOLSON, President Californians for Better Transportation --

Against Author

JEFF SEDIVEC, President California State Firefighters' Association; LOIS WELLINGTON, President Congress of California Seniors; MARLAYNE MORGAN, Engineers and Scientists of California --

Rebuttal Author

LENNY GOLDBERG, Executive Director California Tax Reform Association; MARY BERGAN, President California Federation of Teachers; HOWARD OWENS, President Consumer Federation of California --

Rebuttal Against Author

MIKE SPENCE, President California Taxpayer Protection Committee; RON HAMBURGER, President Structural Engineers Association of California; MICHAEL E. FLYNN, President Taxpayers for Fair Competition - a coalition of taxpayers, engineers, seniors, schools, local government, business, labor, highway safety experts and frustrated commuters. --