Proposition Summary

FEES. VOTE REQUIREMENTS. TAXES. Initiative Constitutional Amendment. • Requires two-thirds vote of State Legislature, or either majority or two-thirds of local electorate, to impose on any activity fees used to pay for monitoring, studying, or mitigating the environmental, societal or economic effects of that activity when the fees impose no regulatory obligation upon the payor. • Redefines such fees as taxes. • Excludes certain real property related fees, assessments and development fees. • Excludes damages, penalties, or expenses recoverable from a specific event. • Does not apply to fees enacted before July 1, 1999, or increased fees due to inflation or greater workload, as specified. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • Unknown, potentially significant, reduction in future state and local government revenues from making it more difficult to approve certain regulatory charges.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 4593406; A: 47.9; N: 4988450; B: 52.1

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Initiative Constitutional Amendment

For Author

LARRY MCCARTHY, President California Taxpayers' Association; DAVID MOORE, President Western Growers Association; SUSAN CORRALES-DIAZ, Director California Chamber of Commerce --

Against Author

CLANCY FARIA, President Peace Officers Research Association of California Association; LENNY GOLDBERG., Executive Director California Tax Reform Association.; JON RAINWATER, Executive Director California League of Conservation Voters --

Rebuttal Author

GAIL D. DRYDEN, President League of Women Voters of California; LUCY CRAIN, M.D., M.P.H., District Chair California District IX, American Academy of Pediatrics; MARGUERITE YOUNG, California Director Clean Water Action --

Rebuttal Against Author

LARRY McCARTHY, President California Taxpayers Association; JACK STEWART, President California Manufacturers and Technology Association; RUTH LOPEZ WILLIAMS, Chair Latin Business Association --