Proposition Summary

CALIFORNIA STATE LOTTERY. ALLOCATION FOR INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS. LEGISLATIVE INITIATIVE AMENDMENT. • Amends Government Code section 8880.4 which provides that at least 34% of the total annual state lottery revenues shall be allocated to benefit public education. • Provides that beginning with 1998–99 fiscal year and each fiscal year thereafter, one-half of the amount of the share allocated to public education that exceeds the amount allocated in fiscal year 1997–98 shall be allocated to school and community college districts for the purchase of instructional materials. • The funds are distributed on the basis of an equal amount per unit of average daily attendance. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • In the near term, tens of millions of dollars in annual lottery revenues that go to public education would be earmarked for instructional materials. Amounts earmarked in future years would depend on changes in the level of overall lottery revenues.

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Legislative Vote Results

Final Votes Cast by the Legislature on AB 1453 (Proposition 20) Assembly - Ayes, 59; Noes, 11 -- Senate - Ayes, 22; Noes, 12

Popular Vote Results

Y: 3716726; A: 53.0; N: 3305062; B: 47.0

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Legislative Initiative Amendment

For Author

TONY CARDENAS, California State Assemblymember, 39th District; NELL SOTO, California State Assemblymember, 61st District

Against Author

Assemblyman George R. House Jr., Assembly District 25; Assemblyman Steve Baldwin, Assembly District 77

Rebuttal Author

WAYNE JOHNSON, President, California Teachers Association; SANDY CLIFTON, President, Association of California School Administrators; LESLIE DeMERSSEMAN, President, California School Boards Association

Rebuttal Against Author

MANNY HERNANDEZ, Trustee, Sacramento City Unified School District; JUDITH COCHRANE, Teacher; CAROL S. HORN, Parent