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REQUIRES THAT CERTAIN STATE AND LOCAL FEES BE APPROVED BY TWO-THIRDS VOTE. FEES INCLUDE THOSE THAT ADDRESS ADVERSE IMPACTS ON SOCIETY OR THE ENVIRONMENT CAUSED BY THE FEE-PAYER’S BUSINESS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. • Requires that certain state fees be approved by two-thirds vote of Legislature and certain local fees be approved by two-thirds of voters. • Increases legislative vote requirement to two-thirds for certain tax measures, including those that do not result in a net increase in revenue, currently subject to majority vote. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: • Decreased state and local government revenues and spending due to the higher approval requirements for new revenues. The amount of the decrease would depend on future decisions by governing bodies and voters, but over time could total up to billions of dollars annually. • Additional state fiscal effects from repealing recent fee and tax laws: (1) increased transportation program spending and increased General Fund costs of $1 billion annually, and (2) unknown potential decrease in state revenues.

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CA Const Art. XIII

For Author

TERESA CASAZZA, President California Taxpayers’ Association ALLAN ZAREMBERG, President California Chamber of Commerce JOEL FOX, President Small Business Action Committee

Against Author

JANIS R. HIROHAMA, President League of Women Voters of California JANE WARNER, President American Lung Association in California BILL MAGAVERN, Director Sierra Club California

Rebuttal Author

RON COTTINGHAM, President Peace Officers Research Association of California WARNER CHABOT, Chief Executive Officer California League of Conservation Voters PATTY VELEZ, President California Association of Professional Scientists

Rebuttal Against Author

JOHN DUNLAP, Former Chairman California Air Resources Board MANUEL CUNHA, JR., President Nisei Farmers League JULIAN CANETE, Chairman California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce