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PROHIBITS THE STATE FROM BORROWING OR TAKING FUNDS USED FOR TRANSPORTATION, REDEVELOPMENT, OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT PROJECTS AND SERVICES. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. • Prohibits the State, even during a period of severe fiscal hardship, from delaying the distribution of tax revenues for transportation, redevelopment, or local government projects and services. Summary of Legislative Analyst’s Estimate of Net State and Local Government Fiscal Impact: Due to restrictions on state authority over fuel and property taxes, the state would have to take alternative actions—probably in the range of $1 billion to several billion dollars annually. This would result in both: • Reductions in General Fund program spending and/or increases in state revenues of those amounts. • Comparable increases in funding for state and local transportation programs and local redevelopment.

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General Election

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CA Const. Art. XIII, CA Const. Art. XIX

For Author

DOUGLAS FRY, President Fire Chiefs Department, League of California Cities KIM BUI-BURTON, President California Library Association SUSAN MANHEIMER, President California Police Chiefs Association

Against Author

LOU PAULSON, President California Professional Firefighters MALINDA MARKOWITZ, RN, Co-President California Nurses Association DONNA DREITH, Third Grade Teacher Riverdale Joint Unified School District

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DAVID A. SANCHEZ, President California Teachers Association KEN HAMBRICK, Chair Alliance of Contra Costa Taxpayers LEW STONE, President Burbank Firefighters

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DOUGLAS FRY, President Fire Chiefs Department, League of California Cities RON COTTINGHAM, President Peace Officers Research Association of California JANE LIGHT, Librarian San Jose Public Library