Proposition Summary

Requires statewide voter approval before any revenue bonds can be issued or sold by the state for certain projects if the bond amount exceeds $2 billion. • Applies to any projects that are financed, owned, operated, or managed by the state, or by a joint agency formed between the state and a federal government agency, another state, and/or a local government. • Prohibits dividing projects into multiple separate projects to avoid statewide voter approval requirement. • Fiscal impact on state and local governments is unknown and would depend on which projects are affected by the measure, whether they are approved by voters, and whether any alternative projects or activities implemented by government agencies have higher or lower costs than the original project proposal.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 4939355; A: 48.7; N: 5200708; B: 51.3

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Initiative Constitutional Amendment

For Author

DINO CORTOPASSI, Retired farmerJON COUPAL, PresidentHoward Jarvis Taxpayers AssociationJOHN MCGINNESS, Elected Sheriff (Retired)

Against Author

www.NoProp53.comLOU PAULSON, PresidentCalifornia Professional FirefightersTIM QUINN, Executive DirectorAssociation of California Water AgenciesMARK GHILARDUCCI, DirectorCalifornia Office of Emergency Services

Rebuttal Author

www.NoProp53.comLOU PAULSON, PresidentCalifornia Professional FirefightersKEITH DUNN, Executive DirectorSelf-Help Counties CoalitionSHERIFF DONNY YOUNGBLOOD, PresidentCalifornia State Sheriffs’ Association

Rebuttal Against Author

JON COUPAL, PresidentHoward Jarvis Taxpayers AssociationKAREN MITCHOFF, Contra Costa County SupervisorMAURY HANNIGAN, California Highway Patrol Commissioner(Retired)