Proposition Summary

Prohibits state agencies from buying any prescription drug from a drug manufacturer at any price over the lowest price paid for the same drug by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, except as may be required by federal law. • Applies to any program where the state agency is the ultimate payer for a prescription drug, even if the state agency does not itself buy the drug. • Exempts purchases of prescription drugs under managed care programs funded through Medi-Cal. • Potential for state savings of an unknown amount depending on (1) how the measure’s implementation challenges are addressed and (2) the responses of drug manufacturers regarding the provision and pricing of their drugs.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 4727451; A: 46; N: 5550255; B: 54

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General Election

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Initiative Statute

For Author

ZENEI CORTEZ, RN, Co-PresidentCalifornia Nurses Association/National Nurses OrganizingCommitteeNANCY McPHERSON, State DirectorAARP CaliforniaSENATOR ART TORRES,(Ret.), ChairCalifornia Democratic Party (1996–2009)

Against Author

DALE SMITH, CommanderVeterans of Foreign Wars, Department of CaliforniaRANDY MUNOZ, Vice Chair, Latino Diabetes AssociationGAIL NICKERSON, PresidentCalifornia Association of Rural Health Clinics

Rebuttal Author

STEVE MACKEY, PresidentVietnam Veterans of America, California State CouncilWILLIAM M. REMAK, ChairmanCalifornia Hepatitis C Task ForceALICE A. HUFFMAN, PresidentCalifornia NAACP

Rebuttal Against Author

OTTO O. YANG, M.D., Scientific DirectorAIDS Healthcare FoundationCAPTAIN SHAWN TERRIS,(Ret.), ChairCalifornia Democratic Party Veterans CaucusNOLAN V. ROLLINS, PresidentLos Angeles Urban League/California Association ofUrban Leagues