Proposition Summary

Initiative. Provides that annually at 2 a.m. on last Sunday in April standard time be advanced one hour, and at 2 a.m. on last Sunday in September retarded one hour, so that between those times in each year standard time in California be one hour in advance of United States Standard Pacific Time. Declares that in all laws, orders, decrees and regulations. relating to performance of public or private acts, or accrual or determination of rights, and in public schools and institutions, contracts or choses in action, standard time as so changed shall be intended.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 317890; A: 24.3; N: 990775; B: 75.7

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General Election

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For Author

Frank B. Belcher, President, California Daylight Saving League

Against Author

Herbert C. Jones, Senator, Santa Clara County; Edward J. Hanna, Archbishop of San Francisco; Harold B. Franklin, President, Fox West Coast Theatres; Paul Scharrenberg, Secretary, State Federation of Labor; Robert A. Condee, President, State Board of Agriculture; E. D. DeGroot, Boys' Welfare Official