Proposition Summary

Initiative constitutional amendment. Provides for income tax on individuals, estates and trusts, and selective sales tax. Provides for state public school equalization fund, requiring therefor annual minimum appropriation of forty dollars per elementary pupil and seventy dollars per high school pupil. Permits county and district school taxes. Requires school district taxes to meet district budget. Requires district apply to teachers' salaries seventy-five per cent of state moneys received for elementary schools and seventy-five per cent of that received for secondary schools, unless it expends therefor seventy per cent of maintenance budget less auxiliary expenses.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 552739; A: 32.6; N: 1144449; B: 67.4

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General Election

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For Author

R. W. Blackburn, President California Farm Bureau Federation. Established in 41 Counties; W. I. Hollingsworth, Property Owner. Established 1889. Director California Real Estate Association, Los Angeles; John F. Forward, Jr., President Union Title Insurance Co., Established 1903, San Diego; Samuel Leask, Member Governor C. C. Young's Commission on Educational Problems; California Merchant, 40 Years' Experience; Ralph E. Swing, State Senator, 36th District; Chairman Senate Finance Committee; J. Bradley Clayton, Vice President Jas. A. Clayton & Co., Established 1867; First National Bank, San Jose; V. Kersey, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Against Author

Arthur H. Breed, State Senator, Alameda County; Harry H. Baskerville, President, City Board of Education, Los Angeles; Donzel Stoney, Chairman, Property Owners Division, San Francisco Real Estate Board; Reynold E. Blight, Former State Franchise Tax Commissioner, Los Angeles