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Senate Constitutional Amendment 26. Adds section 11 to Article XVI of Constitution. Approves and legalizes State Building Bond Act of 1935, passed by Legislature, and the issuance and sale of $13,950,000 of state bonds and use f proceeds thereof, all as provided in said act which authorizes such bonds to provide funds for certain major construction and improvements including improvements to various state buildings and construction of a few state prison in southern part of State.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 211683; A: 46.7; N: 241414; B: 53.3

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Special Election

Proposition Type

Senate Constitutional Amendment

For Author

Thos. F. Scollan, Nineteenth Senatorial District, Sacramento County; Walter H. Duval, Thirty-third Senatorial District, Ventura County; Chris N. Jespersen, Twenty-ninth Senatorial District, San Luis Obispo County; William F. Knowland, Sixteenth Senatorial District, Alameda County; W. P. Rich, Tenth Senatorial District, Yuba County; Edgar W. Stow, Thirty-first Senatorial District, Santa Barbara County; Ralph E. Swing, Thirty-sixth Senatorial District, San Bernardino County