Proposition Summary

Assembly Constitutional Amendment 33. Adds section 18a to Article XI of Constitution. Authorizes Los Angeles County, upon assent of two-thirds qualified electors voting thereon, to incur an indebtedness, not exceeding five million dollars, and issue tax exempt bonds therefor; funds to be used by Pacific Exposition, a corporation to finance, under conditions prescribed by county board of supervisors, an exposition in said county commemorating completion of Boulder Dam. Bonds to mature within forty years; interest not exceeding six per cent annually. County directed to levy special annual property tax for interest and sinking fund requirements.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 645279; A: 38.9; N: 1013332; B: 61.1

Election Type

General Election

Proposition Type

Assembly Constitutional Amendment

For Author

Charles W. Lyon, Member of the Assembly, Fifty-ninth District; Thomas J. Cunningham, Member of the Assembly, Fifty-sixth District; Frank J. Waters, Member of the Assembly, Fifty-eighth District; Wm. Moseley Jones, Member of the Assembly, Fifty-first District; James J. Boyle, Member of the Assembly, Sixty-sixth District; Herbert J. Evans, Member of the Assembly, Forty-ninth District; Chas. A. Hunt, Member of the Assembly, Forty-fifth District; James J. McBride, Member of the Assembly, Fortieth District; Frank G. Martin, Member of the Assembly, Forty-eighth District; Kent H. Redwine, Member of the Assembly, Fifty-seventh District; Augustus Hawkins, Member of the Assembly, Sixty-second District