Proposition Summary

Initiative. Adds section 21 to Article XI, Constitution. Requires appointment to county, district and municipal offices and employments he based on integrity, character, merit, fitness and industry. Excepts certain specified positions and those now excepted from such system in specified charters. Provides for county civil service commissions, empowered to provide qualified persons for appointments within county, including cities therein having no commission. Prohibits dismissals except for cause after hearing. Prohibits appointees under system from participating in county, city or district political activity. Continues specified officers and employees in office, placing them under system.

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Popular Vote Results

Y: 670407; A: 36.3; N: 1174612; B: 63.7

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General Election

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For Author

Lynn Ballard, Long Beach Civil Service Commissioner and former Chamber of Commerce Managing Director; Clarence E. Dowd, Secretary, Fresno Labor Council; Edgar Williams, Palo Alto, Former President, California Civil Service Commission

Against Author

Mrs. Paul Eliel, President, California League of Women Voters; Francis V. Keesling, Attorney at Law, San Francisco; James L. Beebe, Attorney at Law, Los Angeles